Complete Solutions

A custom web site, web content, internet marketing, web consulting and a brochure without breaking the bank? Usually, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, unless you’re working with Snap Fixx!

Professional Design

At Snap Fixx we develop ideas that truly brings ones ideas to life. From custom business websites to small personal websites it can be done easily and effectively on a budget that works for you and your wallet.

WordPress Sites

Built around WordPress, an open source website design solution, we create professional websites that are visually pleasing, functionally sound and search engine friendly. 


Snap Fixx is based in Nashville, Tennessee serving Nashville’s  businesses with the quality web services they need to compete in today’s online-driven business world. We understand business web design and the online marketing services that help companies successfully reach their customers across the internet. More importantly, we want to make the web easy for all of our clients and help them alleviate the main concerns many business owners face when presented with the challenges of getting their business online. Time and Money. Read More.

Web Hosting

Everything you need to give your website the reliable, high-performance home it deserves. Click Here.

Web Marketing

Attract visitors and increase sales by improving your rank on Google and more! Click Here.

SSL Certificates

Secure your site. Boost response and customer confidence with an affordable Turbo or High Assurance SSL Certificate. Click Here.

Domain Names

Get your one of a kind domain name today! Click Here.


A custom web site, web content, internet marketing, web consulting and a brochure without breaking the bank? Usually, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Unless you’re working with Snap Fixx! Get a maintenance-free, hassle-free, professional website easily and expeditiously. You’ll also have the freedom to update your WordPress Web Site any time of the day. Your company needs results. Snap Fixx delivers. See our Services page for more details. Click Here.

Complete Management

With all the various changes happening in todays online world, we believe in making sure your website and all its services are properly handled from start to finish without you having to lift a finger. Whether you have a online empire, or just a small online business, or are venturing into new unknown territory, we are here every step of the way to make sure all of your services are handled properly so you have piece of mind.

Unparallel Customer Support

Tired of pressing button after button trying to get ahold of customer service? So are we. That’s why you will never have to with us. Call, text or email us anytime and we will be available to answer all of your questions. Have an emergency? No problem we work around the clock making sure your services are up and running.

Total Transparency

In addition to providing you top notch web services, we also provide full hosting. No more do you have to go from site to site to manage your services, you can manage everything right from our website. Have questions about our hosting? Click here

True Affordablity

We understand that building websites and managing them can be exspensive, especially when you’re starting a new business or have decided to further promote an established one. That’s why we work with you to fit your budgeting needs, providing you a cost effiecent solution.